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Professional Headlights Restoration Services in Burlington Ontario.

Get your headlights restored by the professionals. We’ll make them look like new again.

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If you’ve been driving around with foggy, yellowed headlights, it’s time for a professional headlight restoration. Prime Autocare Detailz offers comprehensive services to make your car look new again! We use the latest techniques and equipment to clean and polish your headlights until they are clear and shining like new. Bring your car into our shop in Burlington Ontario and we will restore the headlights for you.

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What is headlights restoration?

Headlights restoration is the process of restoring headlights to their original condition. This can be done through different methods, including cleaning, sealing, and polishing. When done correctly, headlights restoration can make your car look like new again! Prime Autocare Detailz offers professional headlight restoration services in Burlington Ontario that will have your car looking new again.

How do you remove oxidation from headlights?

Prime Autocare Detailz can help you remove the oxidation from headlights. We use a special polishing chemicals and pads that are safe for plastic and clear-coated headlights. We start by cleaning the headlights with a clay bar to remove any surface contaminants. We then apply the polish and buff it off to restore the headlights to their original condition.

How long does a headlight restoration last?

A well-done headlight restoration can last anywhere from 6 to 12 months, but it depends on how often you drive at night, the type of road you drive on (i.e. gravel roads will cause more wear and tear), and how often you clean your headlights.

Does rubbing alcohol clean headlights?

There are a few ways to clean headlights with rubbing alcohol. One way is to pour some rubbing alcohol onto a paper towel and then rub the towel over the headlight. Another way is to pour the rubbing alcohol into a spray bottle and then spray it directly onto the headlight. Either way should work well for headlights with minor discoloration. Prime Autocare Detailz does not recommed using alcohol to clean the headlights as you may damage the paint job or the trim aroud the lights. Alway seek professional healights restoration services in Burlington Ontario to ensure the best results possible.  

Why do headlights get cloudy?

When the lenses of modern automotive headlights are exposed to air, they develop microscopic cracks that allow “cloudiness”. This layer becomes opaque and causes a reduction in light or makes it hard for drivers see what’s ahead on roads at night time.

Is headlights restoration worth it?

This is a question that many car owners ask themselves, and the answer depends on several factors. The most important factor is how bad the headlights are damaged. If they only need a light cleaning and polishing, then the restoration process will be relatively easy and inexpensive. However, if the headlights are severely scratched or fogged, then they will require more extensive work and the cost will be higher.

Where to find headlights restoration services in Burlington Ontario?

Prime Autocare Detailz is a professional car detailing shop in Burlington Ontario that can help you restore your headlights. We offer a variety of services, including headlights restoration, to help make your car look its best. You can visit Prime Autocare Detailz at 1098 Heritage Rd, Burlington, ON L7L 4X9 or call (647) 994-0390